Saturday, August 7, 2010

WPW Award

I went to the opening night of the WPW fall show, My first event where I was exhibiting. I had one painting in the show, called " visions on 3rd & Pike" and was pleased to see it won an award. The best news for me was that the juror was Barbara Shaiman of the Seattle Art Museum, so I took that as a real " thumbs Up" for my work. This was on top of a First Prize last weekend at the North Kitsap arts and crafts show. So things looking up.

Heres a painting I did the other day with my friend Gillian Bull, we were out in the hottest sun, painting what I thought was a rather uninspiring view. Still its great practice. I tweeked it a bit in the studio, I have discovered Prussian Blue is great in landscapes, contrary to every other painters view I think.

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